Welcome to GabMon (Gab Monitor), which actually started out as 3rd party monitoring software for the Gab platform back in 2016. The site is now transitioning to be an 'all around' site concerning Gab news, tips and tricks, resources and maybe some history and trivia along the way. Check 'NEWS' area for small updates concerning current/future content (brief history) and/or check the 'ARCHIVES' if you're further curious about GabMon's history. You'll find a feed of the 5 most recent blog posts below, to view all use the menu.

Most recent blog posts

Timestamp: 0824-ish Texas Time Dec. 29, 2022
Gab server time: 1424-ish Hrs. GMT
Number of created accounts: 6194070
Boosted at on-boarding: @gab, @a, @ye, @Smashbaals
*Malicious bot report: Partial fail

Below you'll find a couple screen captures of some software I wrote called GUT (GabUbaseTools).
What you're seeing is minified Json data being accessed sequentially in the same manner as it is created.

Featured Gabber Sites

Feature Gab Groups: 
Good Morning Brigade | Best way to start your day before being blasted w/all the MSM BS. (imo)
Murphys Corner Pub | Private Group (temp. maybe) "You Had To Be There"
Cowboy Bunkhouse | Perspectives of a real Cowboy 
What Are You Listing To? | If you're cruising this group, there's no telling what you'll find yourself listening to.
No Vax Mandate Jobs Board | In search of employer/employee? 
Feature Non-Profit Account: Protect The Harvest  Official Website: protecttheharvest.com 
GiveSendGo (Alt. to GoFundMe (corrupt))


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